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"Relax and leave the billing to us"

Our uniqueness sets us apart. Most billing services want you to completely outsource your billing….yes, we can do that.. however if you want to keep your current in-house staff, we can be a great support system to them….you keep complete control.


-Reduce your stress by working hard to collect your money

-We can facilitate a smooth transition from your current biller to ensure your steady cash flow

-Remove the hassle out of medical billing with our veteran team of experts that promises

competent, accurate and fast claims processing

-Manage the red tape required by insurance companies

Revenue Cycle Management 
…we manage the red tape and minimize the hassle


-For Healthcare Providers of all specialties, medical groups and clinics-


Our services:

  • Billing, coding and collections

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Credentialing

  • Denial management

  • Appeals

  • Out-of-network claims

  • Claim negotiations

  • Patient Balance billing

  • Personal Account Rep

  • Access to software: Scheduler and EHR

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • Pick-up (local clients only)

                    *Pricing based on a percentage of collections*

Consulting/ Training 

Your billing stays IN-HOUSE and we come to you



Our services:

  • Review current codes and modifier usage

  • Provide solutions to implement an effective billing process

  • Identify and solve billing gaps and pitfalls

  • Denial management

  • Appeal claims effectively to get results

  • Solve specific problems; coding, denials, rejections, etc


Three options:

Billing Assessment- starting at $2400

Billing Overhaul- starting at $6200

Billing Maintenance- starting at $250/month

                                Peer Strategy Phone Consulting 

  • Consulting for other billing service owners (I wish someone would have helped me when I first started out almost 20 years ago)

  • Taking on a new client or specialty and need more info?

  • We can help you navigate problems: operations, managing, clients, etc

  • Just starting out……OR established but need a second pair of eyes?


*Pricing based on hourly rate*

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