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Patient Advocate

"specialize in health insurance needs"

"A patient advocate is someone who desires to help and solve the needs of a patient. A patient advocate is someone who pleads on behalf of a patient. I know how hard it is to understand and to navigate all the paperwork from insurance companies. I bring clarity to areas where patients might be confused."

-Audra Thompson

Why do I want to be a Patient Advocate?

I have a desire to help patients get clarity on their insurance problems. I've worked with doctors, patients and insurance companies for over 30 years and I can understand all of the ins and outs.

I understand how frustrating it can be for a patient to receive a bill they may not owe, but still pay out-of-pocket for something they did not need to.

Not a lot of people advocate for patients. Insurances companies advocate for themselves, but who is helping the patients? 

My main goal is to help patients with honestly and loyalty while yielding the greatest outcome for them.

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